Champagne Flutes to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is about party, fun, excitement, friends, lavish meals and, of course, champagne. Probably you want to make New Year promises. New Year is a chance to start a better and brighter life, to promise yourself that you will become a better, more productive, more intelligent and sophisticated person and use your valuable time better. Sparkling wine is part of the evening. You drink champagne when you celebrate something. This time, you celebrate a new year of your life.

Someone's Birthday

On New Year’s Eve, everything should be smooth and nice. No unpleasant, awkward moments for you. Foods, drink, dishes and glassware have to be perfect. You want to have a good time and you want to impress your guests. You start preparations several days before the special night: you purchase champagne, spices and other ingredients, you cook, bake and roast foods, you purchase sweets and drinks. You must think about the props like dishes, silverware and champagne flutes. You cringe at the thought that someone may drop and break an expensive, high-maintenance champagne flute.

You can purchase crystal-like, dazzling champagne flutes made of unbreakable glass. They come in the traditional shape and angled design, they look classy and chic, you will get the same stylish champagne flutes as if you were drinking from a vulnerable fine-cut glass. Unbreakable glass champagne flutes look just like the original glasses. You will still have the elegant, designed form of the sleek champagne flute. The strong, durable material is crystal-clear and gleaming, you will see the tiny bubbles swirling and dancing within the golden liquid, and electric light will shimmer on the glass. However, the champagne flutes will be super strong and durable. They will not break or crack. They will last forever, as long as you do not decide that you cast them aside. They are shatterproof, safe, they are resistant to impact and scratches.

Unbreakable glasses are made of lightweight material, so they are not as heavy as traditional champagne flutes. They are convenient to use, yet they have all the glitz and glamour that you expect from a celebratory party.

Unbreakable champagne flutes come at affordable, reasonable price. The sparkling wine glasses are available on so you can save on shipping as well.

Elegant Dinner Table with Unbreakable Champagne Flutes
Elegant Dinner Table with Unbreakable Champagne Flutes

With such durable, high quality glasses, you will celebrate New Year in style. The champagne flutes add a touch of luxury to your party. When midnight comes, you can make a toast over your drink; when a new year starts, it is easy to believe that it will be a wonderful year. Have a great New Year’s Eve.
New Years Eve 2011 London

Christmas is Coming – Bring a Gift that Works Each Time

How many times have you wondered what to present as a Christmas gift and nothing comes to your mind?
Raise your hand….

Feel the Christmas Spirit Around

So have I… especially around the holidays. I love Christmas and the New Year eve and of course any other eve in December. I just love this time of the year and you probably do too!
How could you not love December – Christmas carols from every corner, Santa is Ho-ho-ho-ing in front of every shop, festive lights brighten up the whole city and that adorable aroma of baked ginger cookies from the bakery next door… Oh, I just love it!
Christmas Cookies

Creating a Special Christmas Gift for Your Friends

With December coming, we also have to pay more visits to friends and family members and gather together around the holidays. Yet it is not yet Christmas or New Year’s Eve, so there is no need to be bothered about picking the right gift for everyone yet. Still, whenever I am visiting a dear friends or a relatives I have not seen in a long time, I like to bring them a little something, to bring joy and warmth to their home and leave a nice trace and something for them to remember throughout the year, something you have got for them.
But what could it be……
I will tell you a secret which solves all my problems and it always…. Always work. Not only I spend less than 30 min to pick the items and put them together but it also leaves unforgettable memory to the person you are visiting.
This is my good friend – The Christmas Gift Basket!
It will never even disappoint you. I promise. Just follow these simple instructions and in less than 30 min, you will have the most adorable host gift ever, that is just perfect for the holidays.

le mini baskets

Christmas basket

DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ingredients

Go to the store and pick:

  • 5-7 snacks / chocolates, pralines, nuts, waffles or anything else that you find suitable. Only one rule here – only get items that are in luxurious packaging – anything shiny, sparkly or Christmassy looking will do the trick – especially anything that is in silver, gold, red or green package will be absolutely fine to pick
  • 1 nice bottle of wine – this is your chose and it depends on what type of wine the hostess prefers. However if you have any doubts, just trust your intuition – what wine would you pick for yourself, if you wanted to enjoy a nice bottle tonight? Red or white? Pino Noir or Riesling? Pick your favorite one. Not only it will make you excited to present it as a gift but you will also be able to enjoy it later, once the hostess opens it 🙂 Again – same rule applies – once you have selected the wine type, pick the one in the most luxurious bottle – anything Christmassy will be amazing to have in your custom Christmas Gift Basket – make sure there is glitter or stars or anything gold or silver tone. Just a little tip here – in case you do not find a suitable bottle – you can always get some glitter from the nearby dollar store and do some magic with your favorite bottle of wine
  • Pick some nice and fancy wine opener and/ or a wine chiller stick – since point 1 and 2 will disappear in a matter of hours once you present the basket as a gift, it will be nice to add something which will last longer. A nice and durable corkscrew or a wine cooler stick will be a handy item for the host to have in their home and enjoy for years to come. Guess what – any time they use these wine accessories – who will come to their mind – you of course. You will surely be invited the next time, as I bet you – they would not miss you the next time they host a party as they will be curious what you will bring next 🙂
  • Pick some nice Christmas gift wrapping paper to decorate your basket – you can use any materials you have at home, or get some from the dollar store – cheap and practical, if you have to work your way on a budget. The gift-wrapping paper can be cut in one inch lines and you can tie bows and stars and just glue them to the items that you have selected for your Christmas basket. Some decor will create pure magic!

Wrapped Christmas gifts on the table

wrapped gifts under tree

Finally comes the basket – Yes, I know a suitable basket can be hard to find… with the right size and everything. Don’t worry, everything is under control – any tray, bow or nice box will do just fine. You will get tired of hearing this – but again – just make sure it looks fancy and festive. As a back up plan – you should definitely have a simple show box at home somewhere, right? Get the wrapping paper you just bought and cover the whole thing up – in and out. Throw some glitter one, you can never have enough of it around this time of the year. How does it look now? Not a shoe box anymore, ha?

Who Loves a Nice Christmas Card?

Christmas card or a thank you card is a must have – who does not love to receive Christmas cards. You have to admit it – your heart gets all filled up with joy when you see something in your post box, right? You can’t wait to open it up and see who sent it to you! Once you open it you hurry up to put this adorable beauty on your fireplace? Yes, I know, we all do this, we all love Christmas cards. So why not let your host experience this feeling also? They will appreciate it for sure.


Christmas Card from Ethel Gloves

Now that you have all the ingredients of this nice Christmas mixture, you just have to arrange them in your basket and add a pop of Christmas glow there. The more shiny and fancy it looks the better! When else can you unleash your imagination and do something like this? Except for Easter, probably… but it is still far away I think, or not that far anyways, let’s go back to our Christmas Basket. Can’’t wait to make your special DIY gift basket? I dare you to act now and present it as a gift for the next special occasion you are invited to. Furthermore, I dare you to comment below with what you come up with and let me know if it worked out for you 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this article and we will come back with more Christmas tips 🙂

Bottle of Ethno Muscat and Dimiat Wine 2014 Edition Paired with Bulgarian Trout

Yesterday was a day to delight Dobi and myself. It was a lazy Sunday and I spent the whole day eating and wondering what to eat. Since there was a bottle of my favorite white wine – Ethno Muscat and Dimiat 2014 Edition in the fridge we decided to get something that would match it. Since it was quite a while since we had fish for the last time it was a natural choice.

Buying a Couple of Trout and Veggies for Dinner

We wend to the local Billa shop with the idea to get a pair or frozen mackerels. There we found that there was fresh Bulgarian trout. I am a huge fan of local Bulgarian products and decided to go for it. It was even a better match for the bottle of white wine waiting for us at home.

We passed by the local vegetable shop and got some veggies as well – garlic, onion, some cabbage and a lemon. My first idea was to grill the fish but Dobi suggested to cook it in the oven and I quickly agreed.

Ingredients for the Fresh Trout with Cabbage and Lemon

So here are the ingredients for our lovely trout dinner:

  • a couple of fresh trout
  • some cabbage to garnish the trout
  • a few cloves of garlic
  • an onion
  • a lemon

Preparing the Fresh Fish in the Oven

  • cut the lemon in slices as thin as possible – not like me 😀
  • Slice the Lemon in Thin Slices
  • cut the onion in thicker slices – just like me
  • Cut the Onion in Thick Slices
  • wash the cloves of garlic and cut them in halfWash the Garlic Cloves
  • wash the trout and prepare it for cooking
  • Wash and Prepare the Trout

Put Onion Under the Fish and Garlic and Lemon Over It

Now comes the time to put the trout together with some lemon and onion slices in foil and wrap it. I managed to shoot a quick video how I do it.

You can do better than I did – I forgot to put salt and spices. Next time I cook this trout I will add some salt, savory, basil, rosmary and oregano. Without these spices my fish was very natural in taste. Only the lemon and the onion had added a little flavor to it.

Put the wrapped in foil trout into the over for an hour at 220ºC (430ºF).

Ethno Muscat and Dimiat 2014 – The Ethno Legend In Town – White Wine

Ethno Muscat and Dimiat White Wine Two Giant 25 Oz Wine Glasses with Ethno Muscat and Dimiat White Wine

So, once the fish was ready I took the wine out of the fridge and opened it so it get some air before its final judgment. As a white wine it tastes perfectly at 8-10ºC (46-50ºF). This particular wine is my favorite. As Joey Casco The Wine Stalker says – “I enjoy a white wine way much more that any red.”

I am still investigating the rich aroma of this wine to figure out what exactly is inside it. So far I have found some quince or pear taste. This white wine has an awesome after taste. I feel it hours after I had a glass of it. Dobi is not so keen on the after taste.

According to the wine label inside there are the following aromas and tastes:

Aroma: The intense aroma dominated by geranium, lime, acacia and herbal spiciness.

Body: Smooth with a good structure and a long aftertaste. Its pleasant aromatic mouthfeel will stay with you for a long time.
To be honest I have no idea what geranium is. I know I like the wine 😀

Dinner is Served

Trout With Lemon Garnished with Cabbage

I garnished the trout with some cabbage I had pre-cut and Dobi and I dove in. It was absolutely fantastic. I cannot tell you who intense the wine taste became when it was combined with the trout. It was magnificent! The taste of the wine became an idea softer and of course – richer.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe article as much as I did cooking and sharing about it.

You can check the huge wine glasses that Dobi and I usually use to drink wine from. It is quite impressive and you will love it.

Giant Wine Glass Makes a Perfect Wine Lover Gift

The summer vacations season is almost over. The long hard working days are back. If you are like me you would need a way to escape from the tiredness and feel refreshed again.

How About a Glass of Wine?

Pouring Some Red Wine Into the Giant Wine Glass
Pouring Some Red Wine Into the Giant Wine Glass

Just imagine – you get back after a long day at work, you get a nice bottle of Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc, you get it opened with your wine opener right away. It is just about time to sit in your cosy sofa or at the back patio. Have your wine, relax and enjoy…

Would you like to make that moment even more perfect? What if I tell you that I got a wine glass that will make drinking wine even more pleasant? What if you become a world champion of wine drinking? Would that make you feel good?

My Wine Passion Knows Wine Accessories

You have already learnt about the wine accessories that My Wine Passion offers. Debbie and I have already launched 2 products – a wine chiller stick made of stainless steel and an eco-friendly wine opener. Both wine accessories are available on Amazon and are meant to make your wine experience even better.

My Wine Passion has managed to achieve a perfect record of over 80 seller feedback and over 100 five stars product reviews. We know wine accessories, don’t we?

Check Out the Giant 24 Oz World Champion Wine Glass

The Giant Wine Glass Hold Almost Full Bottle of Wine
The Giant Wine Glass Hold Almost Full Bottle of Wine

In the beginning of September My Wine Passion launched its 3rd product – a 24 ounce wine glass.

The Giant Wine Glass that My Wine Passion presents to you is all a wine lover would like to get as a gift:

  • have as much as 24 ounces of red, white or rose wine in a single glass – almost an entire bottle of wine. You know – “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away” – especially a 24 ounces one
  • enhance the flavour of your favourite Pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Burgundy red wine – the well shaped wine glass bowl is designed to allow just the right amount of contact between your wine and air
  • enjoy wine in a hand-blow wine glass – there is nothing like drinking wine from  real glass
  • make a perfect gift for your spouse, husband/wife, parent or friend – the giant wine glass comes in a colourful paper gift box to surprise even the most sophisticated wine lover
Giant Wine Glass Comes with a Beautiful Gift Box
Giant Wine Glass Comes with a Beautiful Gift Box

The Giant Wine Glass Can Surprise You In Many Ways

The Giant Wine Glass:

  • has a 24oz wine glass bowl to get almost full bottle of wine
  • is made of hand-blown glass
  • is 10” high and 4” wide
  • has a nice stable base
  • has a beautiful high stem
  • can be used with beer, soda, cola or any summer cocktail
  • comes wrapped in bubbles so it travels safe to you

To surprise you even further I have prepared a special gift for you – a set of 4 wine bottle charms.

Set of 4 Wine Bottle Tags / Charms

This special gift comes with each purchase of the Giant Wine Glass. The set:

  • comes with 4 wine bottle tags in 4 different colours – red, orange, purple and blue
  • fits all regular wine bottles – 375ml, 750ml and even 1500ml
  • turns every wine bottle into a unique gift – allowing you to personalise it
  • comes with a funny wine saying on each wine bottle charm:
    • Laugh… Celebrate… Tell Stories… Drink wine. ENJOY
    • Pop it! Pour it! Clink it! Drink it!
    • To a very good year
    • To hapiNess… To fRieNd-ships… to good tiMes

Set of 4 Wine Bottle Charms

This special wine accessories bundle is available at My Wine Passion’s store front on Amazon. Each wine glass package is handled with great care by Amazon’s FBA team and will arrive shortly and safely after you purchase. If there is any issue with your order we will refund you – no questions asked!

Stock is limited – this is our initial order.

Go to Amazon right now and hit the Add to Cart button to become the World Champion of wine drinking!

The Grape Girls Had Their First Sauvignon Blanc Video Review

It has been a while since I wrote for the last time. I have been working on a new wine accessory to add to My Wine Passion e-store.

In the meanwhile My Wine Passion has got a new recognition by two lovely wine lover ladies. These are Lo and Tee – The Grape Girls.

The Grape Girls Wine Show

The Grape Girls have their own wine show on YouTube and a blog. Their aim is to be Robin Hoods of wine and to recommend the best wine to us.

The Grape Girls: There Are Many Unexpected Flavors in this World and most of them can be found in wine
The Grape Girls: “There Are Many Unexpected Flavors in this World and most of them can be found in wine”

Tee and Lo are also very active on Twitter. It was where the three of us met for the first time. That were the early days since the launch of My Wine Passion Waiters Corkscrew. Here is their first reaction when they saw the brand new two steps wine opener that we had launched.

Oh M’Lord, M’lanta! This piece of heaven looks like the #wine #ninja of corkscrews, @mywinepassion! #TheGrapeGirls+your opener= unstoppable.

Back to the present – Tee and Lo got a sample of each wine accessory by My Wine Passion and had the chance to try them out.

The Grape Girls Tasting A Bottle Of Sauvignon Blanc

After being off traveling and exploring in the wine world and made it back to L.A safe they got a new wine tasting fellow – a bottle of “Muddy Water” – a 2013 Sauvignon Blanc out of Waipara, New Zealand.

The more we drank, the more we liked it. True, the more we drank, the drunker we got, HOWEVER, that had no real bearing on our experience of the wine (other than giving us a healthy buzz). Each sip acted as a palate cleanser, neutralizing any taste in our mouths. Think of it as if every taste was a brand new wine note, capable of building on the last while still being able to stand alone. The sharper edges began rounding out, the “ping” became less “ping-y”.

The end result?

My mouth dries reading their first Sauvignon Blanc wine. I must find a bottle for myself and test my stubborn wine nose.

The Grape Girls had a full review of this bottle white of white wine on their blog.

Funny Wine Facts from the Ancient History

We all love wine. Let’s admit it. It is the best compliment to a nice dinner at home or in a fancy restaurant. Wine is with us all the time. Yet we rarely give thought on how it was invented or how it had developed through the centuries. Wine has a history just like everything else that surrounds us. There are many interesting facts about wine that will make you all ears.

Funny Wine Facts from the Ancient History
Funny Wine Facts from the Ancient History

Did you know that these funny wine facts…

Ancient History Wine Facts

  • The oldest winery is in Armenia. It dates back to 4100, it has a wine press, fermentation vats, jars and cups.
  • Ancient Egyptian wine resembled blood. It was believed to be the blood of those who battled with the gods. They thought that this was the reason people behaved insanely when they drank wine.
  • Cleopatra made a promise to Antony that she would drink the value of a province in a single glass of wine. She placed a fine pearl in the glass and drunk it.
  • In ancient Greece the host would always take the first sip of wine vessel to honor the guests and ensure that the wine has not been poisoned.
  • Social and intellectual live in ancient Greece was represented by the symposium, which literally means “drinking together”. Wine was a vital part of all discussions.

Ancient greek wine sceen

  • In the past wine has promoted trade and facilitated its expansion. The Greeks traded it for precious metals and the Romans – for slaves.
  • Ancient Romans seasoned wine to give it more flavor. They used fermented fish sauce, garlic, absinthe and other ingredients which they mixed with wine.
  • In the ancient times Roman women were forbidden to drink wine. If a wife was found to drink, her husband was in his full right to divorce her or even kill her.
  • In a Persian legend a woman of King Jamshid’s harem tried to commit a suicide by drinking remnants of spoiled grapes, which were believed to be poisonous. She felt rejuvenated and this is how wine production began.

mesopotamia, iraq - assyrian gateway

Industrial Era Wine Facts

  • A hundred and fifty years ago a French chemist made a ton of money mixing wine and cocaine and presenting it to the wealthiest people in the society.
  • In the prohibition era in the USA, in the early 20s, wine was not only forbidden, but it was aimed to be removed from any school books, including Greek and Roman literature.

Many funny wine facts relate to the Prohibition period in the USA.

  • In the late 80s a group of Italian women founded Le Donne del Vino, an organisation which promoted the role of women in the production of wine.

Present Wine Facts

  • Nowadays in Vietnam you can order cobra blood wine. As an order comes in, the waiter would kill a live cobra, drains the blood in a wine glass and present the beating heart for you to swallow.

Wine has its story just like all of us. It is fascinating and it has been praised and forbidden. It has had its ups and downs. Wine remains one of the most valued alcoholic beverages nowadays and the wine industry keeps growing each year.

Enjoy and Cheers!

P. S. Please feel free to share some wine facts that I had missed. I would much appreciated!

Amazon Reviews for My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Got Deleted

It has been hot these days. I must admit sitting in front of the computer is not the easiest task. I am using the hot summer days to (re)discover the apple cider.

Last week Amazon had scheduled reviews maintenance. It took place on 23, 27 and 28 June. The goal of Amazon was to get clean up some of the “spammy” and “unbiased Amazon reviews” from their platform.

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Amazon Reviews Got Deleted

In result about 20 of My Wine Passion Chiller Stick’s Amazon review were deleted. Amazon decided that all reviews left after purchasing a discounted product and not mentioning about it are unbiased.

This has become with a change in Amazon reviews guidelines.

In this case, if you offer a free or discounted product in exchange for a review, you must clearly state that you welcome both positive and negative feedback. If you receive a free or discounted product in exchange for your review, you must clearly and conspicuously disclose that fact.

I have managed to track some of the My Wine Passion Chiller Stick reviews that got deleted. Some of them are quite old – from the initial sale at Slick Deals on 18th Jan.

Date: 2015-02-02
Rating: 5
Title: I have been looking for a product like this for a long time
Author: Sam Stager
Content: As a wine lover, I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. My wife and I often open a bottle of wine with dinner and leave it on the table while we are eating. We usually don’t drink it fast enough, though, and it ends up at room temperature before our second glass. We are thrilled that after ordering this product, we can now enjoy perfectly chilled wine without having to put the bottle back in the refrigerator between glasses. The special aerator also allows the wine to breathe nicely right after being poured. This is a must-have for any white wine enthusiast!
Date: 2015-02-02
Rating: 5
Title: Works exactly as described!
Author: Jose Diaz
Content: Great to use! Especially to pour it! Will buy more for friends!


Date: 2015-02-17
Rating: 5
Title: Great wine chiller!
Author: Lynn Bryan
Content: I am so glad that I got this wine chiller. It really makes the wine tasting experience much more pleasurable I think but thats just my opinion. If you love to drink wine or champagne, do yourself a favor and get one of these. Don’t forget to read the instructions as you use this the first few times. Overall it does a really great job keeping my wine cool without spilling either.


Date: 2015-02-17
Rating: 5
Title: Great wine chiller!
Author: Lynn Bryan
Content: I am so glad that I got this wine chiller. It really makes the wine tasting experience much more pleasurable I think but thats just my opinion. If you love to drink wine or champagne, do yourself a favor and get one of these. Don’t forget to read the instructions as you use this the first few times. Overall it does a really great job keeping my wine cool without spilling either.
Date: 2015-02-22
Rating: 5
Title: Worked as described and the pouring part of the stick was awesome. Totally would get this for my friends next …
Author: Tony
Content: Finally got to use this as I recently went to Napa to get some wine. Opened a bottle of Muscato and used this to chill the wine. Worked as described and the pouring part of the stick was awesome. Totally would get this for my friends next Christmas.
Date: 2015-02-27
Rating: 5
Title: Love it!
Author: B. McDavid “B. McDavid”
Content: Excellent product! Very easy to use, clean and store. Appears to be very durable. Thank you!


Date: 2015-03-03
Rating: 5
Title: Very Nice
Author: Ashley Thomas
Content: Really like this wine chiller the spout on it gives the wine bottle an extra classy look and I am not spilling wine all over everything when I go to pour it. The chilling stick keeps the wine cool for me for about 3 hours extra instead of it sitting on the counter getting warmer.


Date: 2015-03-02
Rating: 5
Title: Perfect gift for wine drinker
Author: alma
Content: Perfect gift for wine drinker. They gonna love that the can have a chill wine anywhere they go. You just have to let the stick in the freezer and then put it in your wine. Now, your wine is ready to drink.
Date: 2015-03-06
Rating: 5
Title: I love this wine chiller stick
Author: Queen Queen
Content: I love this wine chiller stick. It work great! Keeps the wine cool and comes with the aerator. Recommend it!

My Wine Passion Wine Accessories Were Featured On The Wine Stalker YouTube Channel

It has been a while since Joey Casco – The Wine Stalker and My Wine Passion has been partnering in order to provide great wine tips and accessories for our customers.

The Wine Stalker Featured My Wine Passion Chiller Stick On His Wine Review Blog

A few months have passed since Joey reviewed our wine chiller stick on his blog and shared his positive feedback with his audience. For his review he used a bottle of Chilean white wine called Oveja Negra, it is combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere.

I must admit I have not yet got the chance to try the Oveja Negra wine. Although the high rating that Joey gave it in his review makes me really find a bottle and spend some time with it.

The Wine Stalker Featured My Wine Passion Chiller Stick On His Wine Review Blog


If you are a reader and have not checked the wine chiller stick review you can do it at The Wine Stalkers blog – Review: My Wine Passion Chiller Stick with Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc / Carmenere 2014 Reserva.

The Wine Stalker’s Channel On YouTube

In the meantime Joey has been working on expanding his audience by creating a channel on YouTube. Joey uses the world’s biggest video platform to share his wine reviews in a video format.

So far he has featured My Wine Passion Chiller Stick in 2 videos – with a bottle of white and rose wine. It has been part of the Bulgarian Month on that is sponsored by

In the YouTube video Joey showcases the wine cooler stick with a bottle of VINI SAUVIGNON BLANC 2013.

The second of My Wine Passion’s featured videos was with a bottle of VINI ROSÉ 2013. The wine scored 5/5 according to Joey and is another wine that I will certainly add to my wine wish list.

To keep up to date with all wine review featured videos you can go to YouTube and subscribe for The Wine Stalker’s channel on YouTube.

Free Win-e-Guide with Every Corkscrew Purchase from Amazon

At My Wine Passion we have made a commitment to provide wine tips for all our clients. This is the main reason we started this blog and we try to provide you with our best knowledge.

When we launched our wine chiller stick in January we added a free wine e-book. Each client who has purchased the product via our listing receives a copy.

My Wine Passion Double-Hinged Corkscrew Free Gift

Now we launch our new product – My Wine Passion Double-Hinged Corkscrew. I have already shared with you its strongest sides. Today I want to give you an inside about our freebie.


With each purchase of our waiter’s best friend wine opener you will receive our special Win-e-Guide. It is a 17 pages e-book with some of our most useful tips. Together with our designer we tried to create a very colorful and amusing e-book.

  • You can find the following topics inside our Win-e-Guide
  • Introduction
  • Wine – Brief History
  • How to Store Your Wine
  • How to Open a Wine Bottle
  • Glassware: Select the Right Glass for Your Wine
  • How to Pour Wine
  • Aerate Your Wine
  • Keep the Perfect Wine Temperature
  • How to Taste Your Wine
  • Wine Leftovers

For me this free wine e-book is a way to become more confident with my wine. I have really enjoyed it.

To purchase your 3-in-1 wine corkscrew visit our Amazon e-shop. Once your order is completed Dobi and I will email you the Win-e-Guide.

Top 3 Corkscrew Reviews That My Wine Passion Has Got on Amazon

It has been about a month since the launch of My Wine Passion Double-Hinged Corkscrew. We have had more appreciation about it from our Amazon clients than for our wine chiller stick.

My Wine Passion Double-Hinged Corkscrew Makes a Great Bundle with My Wine Passion Chiller Stick
My Wine Passion Presents the Top Corkscrew Reviews for Its Wine Opener

For the last month there have been over 25 corkscrew reviews. They are all positive and the people who got the chance to test it out first have been completely satisfied so far.

Amazon Reviews System is the largest retail platform in the world right now. One of the pillars for their success is the review system. It allows customer to share their experience about their purchases.

Let me share some of the reviews that we have got so far.

Discover the Corkscrew Reviews Our Customer Have Left

The first of the corkscrew reviews is from Pebbles Garbo. She is one of the first people who have bought My Wine Passion Chiller Stick. She has shared some awesome pictures too.

Pebbles Garbo Corkscrew Reviews

Compliment to your wine bar!

This Stainless steel, Eco-friendly corkscrew is another great product by My Wine Passion.
I am a wine lover and always do my best to prepare a gourmet snack with a glass of my favorite wine. I love my new tool, working perfect not only to open a bottle of wine, but also the built-in opener works perfect for soda & beer bottles…

The second review in this corkscrew reviews chart is from Miroslav.

I definitely love this corkscrew

I used this type of corkscrew for the first time, and loved it. What I like most about it is that it is the kind of “get out of my way” corkscrew…

The third corkscrew review is from Ramya. Here is what she has shared about our wine opener.

Well designed, Compact and quality Double Hinged Corkscrew

We often use wine for drinking & cooking at our home and I have gone through so many corkscrews. This double hinged corkscrew by my wine passion is elegant and very strong when compared to my other Corkscrews…

I want to thank to Pebbles, Miroslav and Ramya for taking the time to post their corkscrew reviews. This feedback is really important to us and our team does its best to satisfy all our customers.

If you haven’t checked My Wine Passion Double-Hinged Corkscrew you can visit the following page.